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Traditional Afternoon Tea

Bring a historical perspective to your next event with food and fun at Dragonfly Delights Tea Room. We serve fresh made sandwiches, made from scratch scones and desserts on a three tiered serving tray in traditional Afternoon Tea style.

Our event menu includes home made soup, a variety of delicious sandwiches, and salads with freshly made dressings. Come and enjoy time with your friends and family in the relaxing atmosphere.

***Our exciting new business is in the very first stages of development. We have a space that we rent for “pop-up”. If you are interested in a wonderful alternative for special occasion venue options. Please contact us for more booking information.***

We will be accepting reservations for selected Friday and Saturday afternoons. We are open to hosting an assortment of events such as little girls tea parties, craft nights, bridal showers, bachelorettes, birthdays, and so much more!



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Is afternoon tea the same as High tea?


Is Afternoon Tea the same thing as High tea?

Nope! Many people refer to “afternoon tea” as “high tea” but this is simply incorrect. Afternoon tea and high tea are completely different types of meals.

Afternoon tea was for the upper class and high tea was for the lower class.


Afternoon tea is a light meal composed of three course of tea sandwiches and savories, followed by scones with clotted cream and jam, and ending with sweet pastries. Everything is bite-sized and eaten with fingers.

Afternoon tea time is around 4PM,  between lunch and dinner. The light meal is not meant to replace dinner but instead to tide you over until dinner which was usually at 8PM for the upper class.

The concept of afternoon tea started in England in the 1840s when The Duchess of Bedford wanted a small bite between lunch and dinner.

It started out as just tea and a small snack, but the popularity grew once she started inviting her friends over and it became a social gathering for the wealthy social class.

Afternoon tea is also called ‘low tea’ since they were enjoyed on low tables with comfortable chairs and sofas in the drawing room.


High tea on the other hand was a working class family evening meal or supper.

It consisted of hearty dishes, high tea time was between 5PM – 7PM after the working class came home from work.

Instead of small crustless finger sandwiches, a high tea menu consisted of meat dishes, potatoes, baked beans, and other heavy dishes. It was meant to nourish the after a long day at work.

It definitely was not about living the life of luxury.

High tea was named for the high dining table where supper was eaten.


We call it high tea simply because we think it sounds fancier. And establishments that offer afternoon tea sometimes call it high tea to market to people who don’t know better. Even in England where afternoon tea originated, you may see luxury hotels offering high tea to attract tourists.


Afternoon tea is made up of three courses of food with a pot of tea. There’s the savory course with tea sandwiches, the scones course served with clotted cream and jam, and finally, the third course of sweet pastries.

Low tea is another name for afternoon tea.

Cream tea is a pared down version of afternoon tea with just one course — the scones.

Royal tea is a pricier version of afternoon tea due to the addition of Champagne.


October events 2019


FRiday october 4, saturday october 5

Autumn Afternoon Tea.

Noon - 4:00 pm


Saturday October 19 Craft night

please contacat Amanda for registration 204-724-9896


Friday October 18, Saturday October 19

Thanks giving Afternoon Tea noon-4:00pm, 339 12th Street.

Reservations encouraged 204-729-8914

What is afternoon tea?


What is Afternoon Tea?

What is the proper way to have afternoon tea? What do I wear? Do I eat everything with my fingers? Do you have questions about afternoon tea?

Great! I am learning all about afternoon tea as well. Here are some answers that I have found through numerous conversations, lots of research and many hours of reading.

What is Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon tea is a mid-day light meal made up of dainty savories, (also known as finger sandwiches), scones with clotted cream (we offer a whipped butter) and jam, and lasstly the sweets, (my favorite part dessert).

The idea started in the 1840s in England by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford. In the late afternoon, around 4PM, the Duchess would get hungry but she didn’t want a full meal since dinner was just four hours away at 8PM.

She started with a small snack with tea but eventually it developed into what we know it today with small bites of tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and sweets.

The concept of afternoon tea grew once she started inviting friends over and it became a social gathering for women in the wealthy social class.

Today, afternoon tea has evolved into a set meal consisting three courses of savories, scones, and sweets to be enjoyed by all as an occasional luxury.

What time is Afternoon Tea served?

Traditional afternoon tea is usually served between lunch and dinner, between 3PM and 5PM. Our afternoon tea is served at noon and at 2:00pm.

Is there a proper order to eat Afternoon Tea?

Yes! Traditional afternoon tea is served in three courses usually on a three tiered stand.

You should eat the savories first, the scones second, and the sweets last. Unless of course those scones are fresh baked. They would then be served on the bottom tray hot from the oven. Eat these first.

What’s the proper way to eat a scone?

Start with scooping some clotted cream and preserves onto your plate using the small utensils provided. This helps keep everyone safe from any flu bug going around.

Next, break off bite-sized pieces of the scone using your hands and use your knife to spread the clotted cream and preserves onto the broken piece of scone. Eat that piece of scone, then repeat.

Do I eat everything with my hands?

Yes! The tea sandwiches, the scones, the sweets, are all to be eaten with your hands. Please don’t worry over this too much. Do as you are most comfortable with while being respectful to self and those at your table.

Utensils only come into play when spreading clotted cream and preserves onto your scones. You may need a fork if your dessert is too messy and require a little assistance.

Should I raise my pinky finger when drinking tea?

The proper way to hold a teacup is to use your thumb and index finger to hold onto the handle.

The third finger rests on the handle and the pinky is not to be raised or sticking out — it’s considered rude, unsophisticated, and definitely not proper. Shocking I know!

Where should I put my utensils?

Never place a utensil directly back on the table after it has been used. After a knife or fork has been used, place it on your dish.

Same goes for your napkin, once it has been placed on your lap, never put the napkin back on the table. Instead, put it on your seat if you need to leave the table.

Where should I put my teaspoon?

After using your teaspoon, place it on the saucer, behind the teacup. Don’t drink the tea with the spoon still in the cup.

Can I add milk to my tea?

If you’re ordering black tea, yes, feel free to add sugar or milk.

However traditionally, one would not add sugar or milk to white tea or green tea. They’re meant to be had without anything else added.

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences please feel free to drink tea as you like. Do try to explore though. Try the tea as it is first, perhaps, savour the natural flavour then experiment adding lemon slice, sugar or cream to make it suit your individual taste.

Do I drink from the teacup with the saucer?

The proper etiquette is to keep the teacup and saucer no more than 12 inches away from each other. If you’re sitting up at the table, you shouldn’t need to raise the saucer with the teacup.

However, if you’re finished with the food and are leaning back away from the table, pick up the saucer but keep it at waist level while you sip from the teacup.

How do I ask for more tea?

With good quality loose leaf tea, you can get multiple infusions or steeps. Instead of asking for more tea, ask for more hot water to steep the tea a second or third time. Adding hot water to your tea pot is perfectly acceptable, we encourage it.

How long is afternoon tea?

Afternoon Tea usually lasts about 2 hours. We allow 2 hours per seating. our seating times begin at noon and second seating at 2pm

What should I wear?

Afternoon tea is a relaxing experience but it’s somewhat formal so you don’t want to look like a mess. Traditionally it is best not to wear sneakers or jeans, business casual at the minimum.

It’s a great reason to get dressed up! We would very much like to see our guests wearing their tea time best. Hats and gloves, vest and ties all welcome. You will get out of it what you put in to it.

Please do come as you are. Everyone is welcome here. Your experience is of most importance to us. We want you to be comfortable.

Is it OK to bring home leftovers?

Please don’t be shy about taking home the leftovers from your afternoon tea. We have take-home boxes, of all sizes, available for you to pack up anything leftover from your tray. Please be mindful of the proper way to store the leftovers to ensure its freshness and safety.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, most places require it. Make reservations at least 24 hours in advance. 48 hours is preferred. We would hate to have to turn you away if you don’t have a reservation and we are at capacity. Reservations are encouraged for kitchen reasons as well. How many are we preparing for to day?

How full will I be after an Afternoon Tea?

I personally don’t plan big dinners after an afternoon tea since I’m usually full after. Three savoury finger sandwiches, one tasty scone, and three delightful desserts can fill one up rather quickly.

How does Afternoon Tea work?

Afternoon tea is a set menu that comes with a pot of tea. In the price you pay per person, you’ll get three courses of food (tea sandwiches, scones, and sweets) and tea.

You choose the tea but you don’t choose the food options in the three courses.

I have allergies and food restriction in my diet. What can I eat?

If you have allergies or food restrictions in your diet, let us know as early as possible when you make the reservation and remind us again when you place your order after you’re seated. We will make every attempt to accommodate. Please do make your reservation as early as possible, as some food restrictions and allergies may take time to prepare for.


November 2019 Events


Friday November 8, Saturday November 9th

REMEMBRANCE DAY Afternoon Tea Noon - 4:00pm 339 12th Street


Friday Night Book CLub

November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29. 6:30pm


November 9th, 6:30pm


November 22, 23 6:30pm




Friday NOvember 22, Saturday November 23 friday November 29, Saturday November 30

Christmas Afternoon Tea Noon - 4:00pm 339 12th Street

Christmas Market noon - 4:00pm

Christmas Choirs and live music



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